Sick of Being Sick.

02.23.12 | POSTED BY kim IN Family Life, Green + Healthy

It all started with my little guy getting a touch of the flu. That turned into a little cold. That turned into a BIG cold when it reached me. I’ve been flat-out SICK for a week now, and  I’m struggling to keep up with everything…including the blog. I usually try to use nap times for projects and work, but this week, well, nap times have only been useful for taking naps.

I don’t really like taking medicine, so I usually just stick to natural and old school remedies to help ease my symptoms. (Sure, when things get really nasty, I’ll had to the doc to get a Z-Pak, but I’m not a fan of OTC cold meds.)

I rub a little Watkins natural Vapor Rub (it’s a petroleum-free version of Vicks Vaporub) on my chest and cover it with a warm  wash cloth for a couple of minutes to help make breathing a little easier. To help clear out sinuses, I’ll use a neti pot with warm saline water. (Just be sure to use distilled water to avoid the brain-eating amoeba.) After that, I just curl up with a warm blanket and nice mug of herbal tea with honey and lemon.

Do you guys have any go-to cold remedies?

1. J.R. Watkins Menthol Camphor Vapor Rub, 2. Neti Pot, 3. IKEA Henny Blanket, 4. Honey, 5. Herbal Tea

A San Francisco Treat.

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Some of you may have seen a little preview of this guy last week when I posted it on Instagram (@kssenn if you want to follow me there or on Twitter), but here are some bigger, nicer photos of a new custom painting I finished for the most adorable little guy who just celebrated his second birthday. (If you picked up on the secret code, you can see that his birth date is the number on the trolley.)

It was fun coming up with something that felt iconic to San Francisco, but at the same time adding a unique perspective. There are a couple additional SF scenes I want to try out now, and maybe a few other cities I’ve lived in as well… anyone in NYC want me to take a shot at creating something?

Adventures in Screen Printing.

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I’ve been wanting to do some work on expanding my artistic repertoire for a while now, and since I committed to reducing the number of custom painting commissions I was taking on in the new year, it’s exactly the right time to start working toward what is next for Senn & Sons.

I spent the entire weekend with my friend Michelle – the owner of A Second Story, a new gallery and printmaking studio here in San Francisco – so she could help teach me the ins and outs of screen printing.

After studying printmaking at RISD and working to become a master printer in San Francisco, Michelle opened up A Second Story with a couple of partners to have a space to bring artists together to work, collaborate and show their work in their gallery space. She is the perfect person to act as my mentor as I begin to learn the process of screen printing, and her studio is the perfect space to make it happen. I’m a printmaking novice, so she had a pretty steep learning curve to deal with.

It’s definitely going to be a process to get to a point where I have editions of prints worthy of sharing, but for a first go at silk screening, I’m feeling pretty good about what’s possible, and very excited to get back into the studio with some new designs and ideas.

Here’s a look at some bits and pieces of my process.

I prepared transparencies…

Degreased (washed) screens, and dried them…

Added photo-sensitive emulsion to the screens, then burned my images onto them…

Hooked the screens up to this amazing four-color press…

And silk screened a whole lot of test prints…

Trimmed them to size…

And went home with a mind filled with new skills and ideas, a bag filled with test prints, and a long list of things to think about for the next round in the studio.

I can’t wait until I’m back in the studio trying out a few new things. There are so many possibilities with printmaking, especially screen printing, that my head is spinning with ideas and things I want to try. Hopefully I’ll have some fun new things to add to my shop this spring.

(A huge thanks to Michelle at A Second Story for her patience and guidance. I know there’s still a lot to learn, but I feel really great about how much we were able to accomplish in just a weekend.)

I am so lucky to get to share another one of my clients’ amazing nurseries today. Earlier in the week I was so inspired by her wall color and bedding choices that I created a design board for an imaginary “Comfy Coastal” nursery. I included a few nautical accents, comfy seating and lots of texture.

Turns out I wasn’t far off from reality in my imagined space! I love how my client also used some nautical touches in her space too (check out the cute anchor above the crib). The nursing/reading nook is so cozy, and the paintings look fab over the changing table.

Once this sweet baby boy arrives, his name will be spelled out in block letters over the crib, such a sweet personal touch. Couldn’t you just see them using adorable (and easy to DIY) yarn-wrapped letters like these from Let Birds Fly?

I think they did a fabulous job creating a warm and cozy space with amazing personal touches. I’m sure that little guy is going to be very happy in his new room!

(Nursery images courtesy of Senn & Sons custom art client, yarn-wrapped letters image credit Let Birds Fly.)