These Days.

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These have been some busy days. I’m helping out with the production design for an independent film (it will be amazing, please check it out!), working on a fun commission for a little guy named Noah, creating new patterns for an amazing project focused on helping moms get organized… and, most-importantly, spending time with my boys.

It would be so boring to share my to-do list here, but believe me when I say it’s long. (Whose isn’t, right?) What I love about my list, though, is that it’s filled with really exciting projects – all of them challenging in a completely different way.

Camping With Kids.

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Senn & Sons // Camping

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Unfortunately I think my expectations for what camping with a preschooler and toddler will be like are vastly different from the reality. Wish us luck, we head out for camp today!

(Check out my Camping Pinterest board for some great resources for food, activities and supplies for camping with kids. The best checklist I’ve come across is from REI, it’s been a lifesaver as we prepare for this adventure.)



Senn & Sons // Robot Temporary Tattoo

What budding rock star doesn’t need a little ink? These jokers were having the best time showing off their new, very rock-n-roll, temporary tattoos that I’ve been working to develop. I’m still ironing out some of the product and packaging details, but these tattoos are SO FUN and the kids are obsessed with them.

The robot is just one of the designs I plan to launch with, but I just had to share some of the photos from our mini shoot this weekend.

What do you think? Are you as excited as I am to get these up in the shop?

Senn & Sons // Robot Temporary Tattoo

Senn & Sons // Robot Temporary Tattoo

Senn & Sons // Robot Temporary Tattoo

The humble mason jar, once relegated to the back of the pantry and used only for canning has had quite the resurgence in the last half a decade, hasn’t it? Ubiquitous among the crafters, the mason jar has been embraced by these creative souls and they’ve come up with COUNTLESS ways to use them. (I’m DEFINITELY guilty of jumping on the mason jar bandwagon too, evidence here.)

Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend and I know there are a few of us out there who haven’t had time to buy gifts or even think about how to celebrate our own moms on Sunday, so I thought I’d do a round-up of some of these crafters’ fun ideas for turning a mason jar into something a little more special.

Mason Jar Cozies // via Senn & Sons

Aren’t these cup cozies  totally adorable? Love the bright colors. {source}

Mason Jar Mother's Day // via Senn & Sons

The top of that sewing kit in a jar is a pin cushion! Totally cute. And you can even buy a gorgeous apron that is packaged in a mason jar. {sewing kit, apron}

Rope Vase Mason Jar // via Senn & Sons

I also love the idea of wrapping the jars in brightly colored yarn to create decorative vases. {source via Brit + Co}

Mason Jar Mother's Day // via Senn & Sons

Painting the jars also adds a bit of DIY charm and I love the idea of planting a little succulent garden in them. Or how about dipping them in glitter?  {succulents,  glitter dipped jars via positively splendid}

Or let’s get real. What does any mom REALLY want on a day celebrating her achievements in parenting? That’s right. A giant glass of wine. In a mason jar, of course. {wine glass}

Mason Jar Wine Glass // via Senn & Sons

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there celebrating! I hope you  have a day filled with time with your mom, time with your kids, time with your partner and maybe even a little time all by yourself.

Senn & Sons // Hugo's Room

Our new house is truly a work in progress. Though we don’t have any major renovations planned, we are making small changes along the way and making it feel like ours. One of our top priorities after moving in a year ago was to get the boys’ rooms decorated. Hugo, naturally, wanted to be intimately involved with the choices that were being made in his room and I welcomed his preschooler perspective on how he wanted his room to look. All of the furniture came from his room in San Francisco, so we were able to create a completely new look on a budget!


Senn & Sons // Hugo's Room

Senn & Sons // Hugo's Room

We wanted a room that was going to reflect Hugo’s personality – bold and cheerful – while still being a comfortable place that he can retreat to for reading, quiet time and sleeping.

The process of working with a three (now four) year old on his bedroom design was hilariously similar to working with an adult on a design project – we looked through catalogs and magazines for inspiration pictures and made a little mood board of photos Hugo liked and then started choosing items for the room that felt in line with his mood board.

Senn & Sons // Hugo's Room

One of his favorite features in the room is the chalkboard wall. We practice the alphabet, draw pictures and write silly messages all the time. I’ve heard people say that chalkboard walls are a bad idea because once kids know they can draw on one wall, they’ll think they can draw on ALL the walls. Here’s what I’ve learned in my four short years of parenting – kids are going to draw on the walls no matter what you do. They just will. Whether or not you have a designated area for it or if  you don’t allow them to draw on any of your walls, they will. I’ve gone through about 20 magic erasers trying to get crayon marks off of walls, furniture, siblings, etc. and I don’t think it’s because we have a chalkboard wall. In fact, it’s nice to not have to magic eraser that one.

Senn & Son // Hugo's Room

The storage wall is definitely the hardest-working element in the room. Using a combination of the Expedit bookshelf and picture ledges from IKEA, we have the perfect place to store and display books, art and toys. We also have a big, squishy bean bag in the room so Hugo can just plop down with books any time during the day.

Senn & Sons // Hugo's Room

Senn & Sons // Hugo's Room

Hugo loves spending time in his room – from drawing pictures at his little table to curling up with books in the bean bag, it’s ended up being a perfect place for him to sleep and play. I am so happy he was involved in the process of creating it. His offbeat creative touches totally make it work.  It’s not a perfectly styled room. It’s a real four-year-old’s room. I managed to clean it up and take these photos while he was at preschool, but mere moments later, there were clothes, toys and books scattered all over the floor along with two little boys having the best time ever just hanging out. That makes it perfect.

Create an Art Cart for Kids.

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This has been a BRUTAL winter with the insane cold and record levels of snow in our area, and there’s no end in sight (it was -16 degrees this morning and there’s about 3 feet of snow still on the ground). It’s been so extreme that we’ve been stuck inside most of the time, which means I’ve had to be *really* creative with games and projects for the boys. My saving grace has been our “Art Cart,” which houses all of our supplies for creating masterpieces.

Here are some of our favorite supplies. (You’ll want to plan a trip to IKEA very soon!)

Senn & Sons // Art Cart for Kids

1. We use this fun kitchen cart from IKEA to store all of our supplies. While we keep ours in the open in our family room, it’s nice that the cart itself is on wheels and can be shuffled around and stored out of sight if needed.

2. Our crayons, markers, glue, stickers, scissors and other loose supplies are all divided into little containers like these that fit nicely into the shelves of the art cart.

3. These bibs from IKEA make the perfect art smocks for the kids.

4. I love these big sheets of finger painting paper.

5. The colors of the IKEA construction paper are really vivid and fun.

6. These watercolor paints are so great I use them myself.

7. Awesome paint colors, nice and opaque.

8. I love this set of crayons, colored pencils and markers from P’kolino.

9. Kids love these animal stamps from Melissa & Doug.

10. More IKEA supplies! These are super-cute stamp markers.

11. This inexpensive easel has a chalkboard, whiteboard and holds a giant roll of paper for endless drawing.

12. A kid-sized table is perfect for doing art projects.

We also have scissors, glue sticks, popsicle sticks, paint brushes and all sorts of other basics tucked into the cart.

How do you store your art supplies for the kiddos? This is what works for us, but I’m curious to know what works for your family too!

Happy New Year!

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2014 // Senn & Sons


With the whirlwind of 2013 behind us, I’m ready to settle in and get to work in 2014. It’s been quite a ride over the last 12 months. The work highlight of the year has to be creating the Senn & Sons film, but there were a TON of other amazing moments including Freddie’s first birthday, Hugo turning four (yesterday!), an amazing grown-ups only trip to NYC, doing a bit more nursery design, and even more here, and – the craziest thing of all – settling into our new home in Minneapolis.

This year promises to be just as busy – in the best way possible. I have a few HUGE (major, amazing, terrifying) projects kicking off in the new year and I’m so excited to be taking them on. I don’t want to make any crazy promises here, but I’m aiming to share more about my business, my process and my work here on the blog. Documenting what I’m up to and how things are going is high on my list of goals for the upcoming year.

I’m so thankful for each of you who visits this blog to catch up on what I’m working on. The support for Senn & Sons (and me, personally) has been so inspirational and motivating.

Happy New Year!

Our Thanksgiving Tree.

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Senn and Sons // Thanksgiving Tree

It’s a really simple idea – not one I can claim as my own, but a good one nonetheless: The Thanksgiving Tree. It’s a place for each of our family members to stop at the end of the day and write down something we’re thankful for. A lot of friends have been doing this publicly on Facebook, but we chose to make it a little more permanent by writing our “thanks” out on tags and hanging them from branches. I’m not particularly sentimental, but we will probably save the tags once they’re all filled out to keep track of all the fun things Hugo is thankful for this year.

Senn and Sons // Thanksgiving Tree

There are countless ways to create something like this – from scraps of paper tucked into a jar to any variation on creating an actual “tree” form. We chose to do something super-simple that didn’t require us to buy a bunch of new materials to create. I had the pitcher/vase on hand already, the branches were picked from a bush in our yard and the tags were about $2 for a 20-pack from Michaels.

If you’re not into the neutral look, you could add some color with leaves cut from construction paper, ribbons tied to the vase, or even by painting the branches a bright color. (Oooh, I like that idea.)

Senn & Sons // Thanksgiving Tree

Senn & Sons // Thanksgiving Tree

Senn and Sons // Thanksgiving Tree

Does your family have any traditions like this one around the holiday season? I’d love to hear about how you express your thanks this time of year!



Senn & Sons // Book Themed Baby Shower

There are so many great ideas for baby showers and parties floating around these days. Sites like Pinterest and Project Nursery make it easy to find limitless inspiration for throwing a killer party, so when I got this unique invitation for a baby shower, I just had to share it.

Rather than having a traditional, ladies-only, baby blue or pink luncheon, this is going to be a bookish, co-ed, evening soirée. I can’t imagine anything more perfect for the parents-to-be — she’s a writer and communications strategist and he’s a college professor. Having a fully-stocked library for the kiddos (they’re expecting twins) makes complete sense.

Guests are invited to bring two books labeled with  adorable bookplates that were included in the invitations. Books are our go-to gift for birthdays and showers, so I just love this idea and can’t wait to choose two of our favorite books for the babies.

Senn & Sons // Book themed baby shower

(For more baby shower ideas, check out this post and this post.)

* Invitation illustrations by Ideal Bookshelf

Happy Birthday, Freddie!

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SENN & SONS // Freddie 12 months

Wow, he’s ONE!

What a year it’s been. Our family has been through a year of massive changes and this guy just took it in stride, bringing us smiles, giggles and cuddles at every curve. And there were a lot of curves. Through all of it, he’s proven himself fiercely strong-willed, resilient, warm and genuinely happy.

Freddie is the perfect fourth member of our fun little Senn quartet.

Happy first birthday, kiddo.

Senn & Sons // Freddie 12 months

Senn & Sons // Freddie 12 months