Senn & Sons // Robot Temporary Tattoo

What budding rock star doesn’t need a little ink? These jokers were having the best time showing off their new, very rock-n-roll, temporary tattoos that I’ve been working to develop. I’m still ironing out some of the product and packaging details, but these tattoos are SO FUN and the kids are obsessed with them.

The robot is just one of the designs I plan to launch with, but I just had to share some of the photos from our mini shoot this weekend.

What do you think? Are you as excited as I am to get these up in the shop?

Senn & Sons // Robot Temporary Tattoo

Senn & Sons // Robot Temporary Tattoo

Senn & Sons // Robot Temporary Tattoo

Sprout Exclusive Elephants // Senn & Sons

THEY’RE HERE!!! After months of planning, strategizing, discussing, developing, painting, color matching, printing, packaging and shipping, the NEW and EXCLUSIVE Senn & Sons prints for Sprout are in stores across the country.

Sprout Exclusive Textiles // Senn & Sons

There are two designs included in the exclusive collection: a sweet parade of elephants and dandelions blowing in the wind. Both designs and the custom color palette were inspired by the gorgeous bedding collection from Raksha Bella, which Sprout carries online and in stores. The shapes of the designs are organic and maintain a hand-painted quality, mimicking the incredible hand block printing on the textiles. The colors are vibrant, yet feel very natural and rich. (I’m completely smitten with that deep blue and how it pairs with the golden yellow and aqua colors.)

Sprout Exclusive Dandelions // Senn & Sons

The prints will be available online soon, but if you’re in SF, Chicago, NYC or Mill Valley, stop into the store and check out the prints on display! (Take a pic and send it my way if you do!) While they complement the Raksha Bella bedding very nicely, the prints will definitely be gorgeous on their own in a nursery or little kids’ room. I’m so excited to start seeing these prints in homes.

Sprout Exclusives // Senn & Sons

Sprout Exclusive Elephants // Senn & Sons


Buy them online now! (Just click on the photos below to be taken to the Sprout website.)

Dandelion Paper Sprout Exclusive Elephants // Senn & Sons Sprout Exclusive Dandelions // Senn & Sons Elephants Canvas


Phone: (877) 388-9205
Email: orders (at)

Senn & Sons // GIRAFFES15 discount


If you love the new Giraffe Buddies prints, now’s your chance to get them 15% off!

Head over to the shop and enter the code GIRAFFES15 to get 15% off your entire order of Giraffe Buddies prints through the end of the month.

And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our home page where you’ll hear about deals like this and other fun info first!


Senn & Sons // Sprout San Francisco

You already know that I love Sprout, the baby boutique that opened first in San Francisco and has since expanded to New York, Chicago and just recently Mill Valley. They’ve always been huge supporters of Senn & Sons and were the first shop to carry my original paintings (way back in the day!).

I’ve been working with them for the past few months on getting some prints into the stores and AT LAST two classic designs are now available in store and online! We have even more fun news coming soon about some additional prints that will be available at Sprout stores all across the country, but I wanted to let you know that you can now see the Dump Truck & Whale prints in all four Sprout stores.

See the Dump Truck prints here and Spouting Whale here.

If you have a chance and are in the Bay Area, NYC or Chicago, stop by and say hello to the lovely folks at Sprout and check out the Senn & Sons prints on the walls.



1828 Union @ Octavia, San Francisco, CA



12 Miller Ave., Mill Valley, CA



1943 W. Division @ Damen, Chicago, IL



1375 Third Avenue @ 78th, New York, NY


{ image credit : via Newport Cottages }


Senn & Sons Nursery Art // Giraffe Prints

Good news! I’ve finally put up some new prints in my shop! These sweet giraffes come in three different color combos, all of which I really love. I can’t even tell you how vivid these colors are in person, the photos just don’t do them justice.

See them here

Senn & Sons Nursery Art // Giraffe Prints

Senn & Sons Nursery Art // Giraffe Prints

Senn & Sons Nursery Art // Signed Art Prints

Senn & Sons - NYC street art

What a city. I’m lucky to have called it home at one point in my life and thoroughly enjoy visiting now that my roots are firmly planted in Minneapolis. My time there years ago produced so many amazing, life-long friendships that pick up right where we left off each time I visit. While an unmatched energy pulses day and night with seemingly endless options for eating, drinking, shopping and entertainment, my favorite part of the city is still spending time with those friends.

(Despite their above-average levels of attractiveness, it appears I took very few pics of these “friends.” Here are a few shots from my iPhone instead.)

Senn & Sons - view from roof of The Standard NYC

(views from the standard, east village)

Senn & Sons NYC street from above

Senn & Sons - NYC Street Art

(mural by revok + pose, bowery & houston streets, detail above)

 Senn & Sons - Barista at Gasoline Alley NYC

Senn & Sons // Gasoline Alley NYC

(stopped for a cortado at gasoline alley)

Senn & Sons // Wedding in Stone Ridge NYC

(elm rock inn, stone ridge, ny)

A huge congratulations to our friends whose marriage gave us the best reason to fly out to NYC for a visit. It was truly an incredible celebration!


For the first time since Freddie was born last October, my husband and I skipped town and spent a long weekend in New York, leaving the boys at home with their grandparents. It was a short break — just one night in the city then two up in the Catskills to celebrate the marriage of two of our friends — but it was a big damn deal for us to leave the boys behind.

Because of this trip’s massive impact on our lives and overwhelming significance, I’ve decided to share my packing strategy. (Honestly, I’m just too tired from the trip to think about anything deeper than that.) Let me just say that packing for travel without children is so much easier than preparing for a trip with kids. The next time we fly with them I’ll write a post about our baby and preschooler travel essentials and it will be much, much longer.

Senn & Sons: Packing for a City Break

My packing strategy was simple and designed to fit everything I needed for a four-day city break into a small carry-on suitcase. Our weekend would include an afternoon and dinner out in NYC, a BBQ at a cabin and an indoor/outdoor evening wedding, so I wanted to have a decent range of options from casual & comfy for wandering city streets to something a bit dressed-up for the wedding.

I started with basics – gray and striped t-shirts, a sheer white blouse, a cozy cardigan and a couple pairs of jeans. I added a fun red party dress for the wedding, along with a pair of heels to dress up the skinny jeans for dinner out in the city plus a black leather jacket and lightweight scarf to top everything off.

After a few days with only these things in my wardrobe I’m convinced I could just close the door to my closet and live out of this suitcase. But I won’t do that because that’s crazy.

I have a few pictures from our trip that I’ll sort through and share later this week!

gray t-shirt :: striped tee :: maroon tank :: silk blouse :: red dress :: ivory sweater (similar) :: boyfriend jeans :: leather jacket :: skinny jeans :: nude wedges (1, 2, 3, 4) :: scarf :: boots :: loafers


City Meets Sea Nursery - sneak peek2


My beautiful and talented friend Andrea from Andrea Montgomery Designs recently started a fun new series on her blog featuring a selection of her entrepreneurial and creative friends. I was honored when she asked me if I would do a guest post for the series!

You can check my post out here. I decided to create a nursery design inspired by a piece of her gorgeous jewelry, which was a very cool starting point for color and mood. The result is what I call “Where the City Meets the Sea,” a reference to Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

I hope you like the post! Don’t forget to check out Andrea’s beautiful jewelry at Andrea Montgomery Designs. I couldn’t live without my pieces from her collections!

I’m Loving Stitch Fix.

05.28.13 | POSTED BY kim IN Shop + Style

My Fix

There are times when I absolutely love shopping for clothes for myself. Those times usually involve a latte with a girlfriend, an entire free afternoon and maybe even a glass of wine. They definitely DO NOT include babies, kids, strollers or meltdowns. Since most of my days are spent with the latter of those lists, shopping for myself falls off my list of “enjoyable activities.” When I heard about Stitch Fix, an online personal styling service,  knew I had to give it a try.

Founded and run by Katrina Lake, an entrepreneur on the Bay Area, the service aims to deliver fashion-forward and flexible pieces that suit each person’s unique style. All without having to enter a store. By filling out a profile with info about my likes, dislikes and lifestyle then linking up to my Pinterest style board, I was able to loosely guide what I wanted the stylists to pick for my “fix.”

I’m impressed that my stylist – and, no doubt, the powerful Stitch Fix algorithm – picked up on my love for stripes, girly dresses and polka dots.

The Keepers600

I really liked everything in my box, but a couple of things weren’t very flattering (Hello, empire waists on a body still trying to lose 15 pounds of baby weight? Not hot.) so I ended up keeping two of the five items in my shipment. The first was an adorable tie-waist polka dot button down. Perfect for summer, nursing friendly and totally cute when I tried it on. The other piece I kept was the sweet patterned dress in a soft buttery yellow. I wouldn’t have picked this off the rack, but when I tried it on I fell in love! So cute, totally versatile and my husband loved it. (Yay, a new date night dress!)

I also really liked this bracelet, but I have something similar already and decided to send it back. I’m sort of wishing I would have kept it now, though, since it’s pretty cute.

Style card

Each item comes with its own little styling card to help decide how to wear the clothing. I love this part! The pieces they choose to style the fix items are definitely staples that you’d already have in your closet (at least I had most of them in mine). If I tap into the organized side of my brain I’d probably stick these little cards in a binder or notebook for quick reference when I’m getting dressed in the morning or for a night out.

I have a few friends who jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon along with me – one was 100% over the moon with her shipment, another was only so-so on what she was sent. I think the more specific you can be about your style and sizing, along with providing a visual reference for your taste the better your fix will be.

If you want to get your own fix, click here to get started.

(This is not a sponsored post. I am sharing my experience and all opinions are my own! If you use my referral link, I get a $25 credit after you order your first fix.)

thirty two magazine cover

I’m slightly, okay completely, addicted to magazines. I scour the newsstands on the regular for my favorite international design pubs, subscribe to an unknown number and always ALWAYS pick up trashy tabloids before I get on an airplane. In fact, I think I stuck with working in advertising for so long because I loved the unlimited supply of magazines crossing my desk. I was so excited when part of my Valentine’s Day gift from my husband was an issue of the new-ish Thirty Two Magazine, a local (Twin Cities) publication.

thirty two spread 2

Started by a husband and wife team and funded by a Kickstarter campaign, Thirty Two is filled with interesting topics, beautiful photography, nice art direction, cool illustrations and graphics, and a really unique (perhaps even a bit critical?) take on Minnesotan culture.

It seems the editors are hell-bent on making the Twin Cities great, encouraging us – Minnesotans – to better ourselves and make an impact on our home state. It’s also sending a big message to others who read it: this place is a helluva lot cooler than you think it is.

thirty two spread 1

thirty two milk spread

You like? Subscribe here or pick up a copy of any of these Twin Cities shops.