At long last, I have PRINTS in my shop! And I have a new shop! I’m going to call this the “soft launch” of my new print shop, which will be growing and changing and becoming awesomer (it’s a word, trust me) as the summer goes on.

The prints are available in a variety of sizes on paper as well as gallery-wrapped canvas. You guys, they look hot. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working with an amazing printer in the Dogpatch neighborhood of SF. I won’t blather on about how awesome he is in this little announcement post, but expect full detailed coverage about working with a super cool fine art printer in the near future.

In a few weeks the shop will start filling up with more designs to choose from. So if whales aren’t your thing, just wait a couple of weeks and there might be something else that revs your engine *hint hint*.

But in the mean time, I’ve got whales. You like ‘em? You want ‘em? You get ‘em.

Congratulations on your launch. You rock!

Congrats, sooo cute. I love the blues.

Thanks, Michelle! That means a lot. So much more to come, but one step at a time, right?!

A friend of mine is having a baby very soon and I think I am going to get these as a gift. Where did you get the white frames? I might like to include those in my gift. Thx. :)

What a fun gift! I picked up the frames from my neighborhood Ace Hardware (for about $2-3 each!), but you could also try the IKEA Ribba Frames or these from Target×7-open-white-wood/-/A-13683246 or something really simple like these×7+frame. (Here’s the link to my shop:, or just drop me an email and we can talk about including frames in a custom listing for you.)