Work-at-home Mom Uniform.

From very early on in my "stay-at-home momming" days I made a commitment to getting myself ready every day. Nothing fancy, simply getting cleaned up and dressed so if I wanted to run out for coffee I could just go or if the UPS guy came to the door I wouldn't be in my PJs at noon.

Why bother? Well, I guess I knew myself well enough to know that I'd feel A LOT better if I looked semi-presentable. I knew that if I spent every day in my loungewear I'd start to feel bad for myself or just generally crappy. Sure, there are days when only an elastic waist will do, but most days I take it up a notch from yoga pants. (I'm not saying there's anything wrong with wearing yoga pants every day, but it isn't the best thing for ME.)


sweater // scarf // t-shirt // jeans // boots

I'm also a realist, and the outfits I'm wearing need to be comfortable, easy to wear and require very little brainpower to choose in the morning. To reduce the amount of brainpower required even more, I've come up with a sort of uniform that I wear pretty much every day: Jeans, white tee, cozy grandpa sweater, colorful scarf and comfy boots. Done. I'm pulled together enough for whatever comes up but comfortable enough to clean out the little potties currently scattered all over our house. 

I have variations on the theme plus the addition of winter boots on the snowy days, but that's pretty much it. How about you guys, do you have a go-to outfit?

(Just wanted to mention, my favorite online shop for basics is Everlane. Great quality, transparent pricing and cute stuff!)