Insanely Easy Valentine's Day DIY Project.

I'm always on the lookout for crazy easy craft projects that I can do with my project-obsessed five-year-old. The requirements for these projects are fairly simple - most of the steps must be something he can do with relatively little assistance (he's really independent and doesn't like getting help) and the results must have relatively immediate gratification. I also try to make the projects somewhat timely with holidays and preschool themes.

We typically open up the Pinterest app on my phone and do a quick search then let Hugo choose which project he wants to do based on the pictures he sees. This part of the process really highlights my expert-level searching abilities and stealth guidance. He was inspired by a cute little decoupage candle holder this time, so we gathered up some materials and got to work.

Materials Needed:

  • Jar(s) - smooth, round jars are the best, but anything works
  • Tissue Paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush or sponge brush (a cheapy, you'll use it for glue!)
  • Scissors
  • Tea Light Candle
  • Candy Hearts... optional, for snacks while crafting.


  1. Clean and dry the jar completely.
  2. Have a wet towel handy for cleaning up sticky fingers (I always have one ready when working with glue).
  3. Cut out a piece of white tissue paper to fit around the entire jar.
  4. Cut out many colorful tissue paper hearts for your jar.
  5. Paint Mod Podge all around your jar and apply white tissue paper, smooth around the outside of the jar with your fingers.
  6. Paint Mod Podge where you'll apply the colorful hearts, apply the hearts.
  7. Paint over the tissue hearts with Mod Podge. Repeat until your candle holder is finished. Wait a bit for the paint to dry slightly between layers.
  8. Paint one thin final coat of Mod Podge over the whole jar to seal. Be careful not to use too much glue or "work" too much on the jar since the tissue paper is quite delicate and likely to tear.
  9. Let dry completely.
  10. Place a tea light into your jar, light and enjoy!

Et voila!