Psychic Suppers.

When I first heard the idea of Psychic Suppers I immediately knew that I had to be there. First, I love cooking and cooking classes. Second, I love drinking wine and gabbing with friends while cooking. And finally, I've been talking about visiting a psychic for years, just for fun. You can imagine, then, when Elizabeth Dehn of Beauty Bets told me she was organizing an event that would combine ALL of these things I couldn't resist signing up immediately.

Having the chance to cook alongside friends and talk to expert intuitionist Christine Schroeder  was an absolutely perfect way to spend an evening. I went in feeling a bit nervous about someone telling me my future, but Christine's approach is less about prediction and more about trusting her intuition and helping you trust yours. Her advice felt very real and actionable and essentially leading me down a path I already felt I was heading toward. Talking to her felt like the ultimate gut check.

I felt so inspired by the idea of Psychic Suppers that I also couldn't resist offering up to help design a logo for the events! I drew from classic fortune teller graphic elements like moons and stars and added in the connection to dining with a place setting, joining the whole graphic with the trio of words "Food. Friends. Fate." to perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the event. Such a fun little project.

Find more about the events here at Beauty Bets... I predict more Psychic Suppers in the future! Right now there are three scheduled for July 23rd, August 13th and September 7th. Buy tickets at Kitchen in the Market.