Senn & Sons for Blue Sky at Target!

So... This. is HUGE.

I was going to write a blog post that was just that picture with a thousand exclamation points, but decided that *maybe* I should write a little more since this news is so massive!!! Senn & Sons are available at Target! I’m just going to say that one more time because I can hardly believe it myself: SENN & SONS PLANNERS ARE AVAILABLE AT TARGET.

A little over a year ago I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime - I was asked to partner with the amazing team at Blue Sky to design a line of planners and calendars. After a ton of work, anticipation and excitement, the planners we created will be sold at Target in the "School Shop" section that is set up with all the back to school supplies! (Some stores already have the section up, just look for the giant pencil hanging from the ceiling!)

Now, there's a whole lot of backstory (that I promise to tell soon), but for now, let's just raise a glass or two to celebrate!!!

Stay tuned for more details about each of the products! These are just a couple of peeks into the line.