Studio Vibes.

If you follow me on Instagram (join me, I love it!) then you've seen these photos already, but I just wanted to share a little update here on the blog too.

I'm so excited about all of the projects I have in the works right now. To be quite honest, they are ALL a huge stretch for me and my work. I've been challenged in so many ways and have had to be surprisingly resourceful in figuring out how to do  things. Some of my projects are entirely new territory and while that's really scary, it's also invigorating. I have so much energy to put into my new work.

The top left photo shows off my crazy messy studio table. When I'm not actively drawing, painting, trimming or making, it just sits there attracting beautiful sunset reflections and junk.

The bottom left photo is just sharing (for those who didn't know yet) that I can ship ANYWHERE in the world! I stuff my little packages with friendly notes and colorful business cards then tie it all up with bright red and white string. This one went to Australia.

The bottom right photo is a little preview of what I'm working on with Nicole of Live & Love MN. We've been teasing our friends with these little Instagram shots, but we have been having such a fun time collaborating that we can't resist! Stay tuned, we'll share more about what we've been up to in a couple of weeks.

The top right photo is a little preview of a whole new line of notepads I'm developing. There's another group of products I've been working on for almost a year now that will be available this summer and I can't wait to share them with you! The whole collection is designed to help make getting & being organized a tiny bit easier. Organized family = happy family. Truth.

There's more!!! (What have I gotten myself into?) But I'll save the other stuff for a different post. It's all more super fun kid stuff and I know you'll love it.

I'm learning quickly to have patience and let the process happen. Things take time. Making something "great" instead of "good" takes time. Learning when to throw in the towel (and that it's okay to throw it in) takes time. Senn & Sons is just me - a single human being with other responsibilities (the sons!) and the same short 24 hours in a day that we all have, so it's okay that things take a little longer for me and my business.

That said, I'm off to get some sh*t done! xo