Yup, Still Winter.

It's March! But it's also Minnesota, where March is still part of winter. But I have been noticing signs of spring around these parts. (None of which can be seen in the photo below.)

The tiny little signs and the promise of spring are what keep me going this time of year. The snow starts to melt, the birds come back, the grass starts sprouting out from the brown, wet, matted down mess on the ground and people start emerging from their winter hibernation. Things start to come back to life.

I feel like there's a strong parallel this year with Senn & Sons and this season. I have so many new products in the works and it feels like they're little grass sprouts pushing through the hard winter ground. Things are ready to bloom and I'm pretty damn excited.

March, the month that's kind of winter, kind of a spring teaser, but mostly it's a time to prepare for what's to come.