Back to School Style :: For the Boys

I feel like boys clothing options have definitely gotten better over the past few years - we'll never have as many styles as the little girls, but finding something totally cute that the boys will wear isn't the impossible task it once was!

We love the look of a bold tee or collared shirt with pops of red, yellow and teal under a lightweight denim jacket and paired with a comfy-cool sweats - essential for those active little guys! Sneakers are a must for all the running and jumping these guys do, but a classic pair of vans high tops add a TON of style without sacrificing comfort. We can't forget about grabbing something to fill up with all the school supplies - we love the characters on all the backpacks from our friends at Beatrix, especially Alexander the Robot. Last but definitely not least, make sure you grab him his newest doodling companion, ahem, straight-A planner to keep him on top of that homework. (Which starts in Kindergarten these days!)

Striped Tee (Boden)  ::   Sweats (Boden)  ::   Jeans Jacket  ::   Shirt   ::   Backpack  ::  Planner  ::  Shoes

Styling and graphic by Maddie Osgood.