Meal Planning Notepad in Action

Have I mentioned how much I love seeing things I designed in action?? My old pal from high school Jessica Kennedy is a true superstar - she juggles three kiddos with a fourth on the way along with a home, husband and business. She is a former college professor turned health coach (check her out at Jessica Kennedy - Mom on the Run) and has helped countless people become more active and eat clean. She's a true inspiration to me every day!!

The other day Jessica did a fun Facebook Live chat where she talked to her viewers about meal planning and online grocery shopping. I was so thrilled to see that she uses the Senn & Sons Meal Planning Notepad to prep for her week!!

I'm not savvy enough to know how to share the video, but you should definitely follow Jess on her Facebook page for all sorts of amazing tips for how to maintain a healthy lifestyle with family - she posts recipes, tips & tricks, links to articles and all sorts of great inspiration!

And if you are curious how I use my notepad to meal plan, check out this post!