Minnesota Monthly :: Well Styled

This Minnesota Monthly feature was SO much fun to be a part of! First off, it included the whole family! We were also styled by the incredible Jahna Peloquin, who made us feel completely confident because we felt like ourselves in the outfits she expertly chose. We also just spent the day chatting with her about how we met, what we have done to make our home feel like ours, and a little about our work. You can read the full article here.

When I saw this picture of Hugo and me in the studio my heart almost melted. If there's anyone more passionate about my work than I am, it's this kid. He is so excited to be a part of what we create (and especially loved seeing his name printed in a magazine!)

And here's all of us (fake) hanging out in our "family room." Our kitchen is right next to this space, so it's truly where we spend 90% of our time (usually with more Legos and scraps of paper strewn about).