Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes

I always think it's fun to see what happens behind the scenes at photo shoots. Typically we - as customers - only get to see the final, shiny, gorgeous photos at the end, but it's kind of nice to see the work that goes into making those beautiful images!

We recently had a product shoot for our Senn & Sons for Blue Sky line (which you've seen the results of all over Instagram!) and I had to share the work that the team put into making those planners and calendars look so fab.

The incredible Maddie, who's here helping out with Design & Marketing, styled the entire shoot - choosing cute props that could really tell our story and making sure we got great photos of each of the products. Here she is creating adorable sample pages for each of the planners to show how they can be used on a day to day basis. 

Here's another fun fact - our totally glamorous shoot location was MY KITCHEN!!! It's the best place in our house for natural light, and since we had the space here chose not to rent a studio for the day.

What you do to get the shot, above. The final shot, below!

We had a ton of props at the ready to create as many colorful scenes as possible. You can even see some of our other set-ups being tested in the background here. Our amazing photographer Caitlin Abrams did such a brilliant job bringing these visuals to life. 

How we created the shot, above. The finished image, below!

Caitlin making it happen!

Getting it all set up, above. Gorgeous desk shots, below.

It's always incredible to see ideas come to life and realize that all the details really do matter. From the little notes in the planners to little secrets like stuffing the coffee mug with paper towels to get the flower (picked from my yard!) to stand up nicely.

A huge thanks to Maddie (who styled this whole shebang!) and Caitlin who created the beautiful imagery. Such a dream team.