Room Round-Up :: Woodsy

This time of year always feels so comforting to me. There's a tiny chill in the air, the leaves turn gorgeous colors then with a strong wind blow off the trees and crunch beneath our feet. The autumnal smells are fresh and earthy. With all that happening around us, we wanted to pull together some nursery inspiration that draws from the outdoorsy, woodland feeling that fall tends to bring.

woodsy nursery inspiration

These rooms are definitely sparking some ideas for redecorating Freddie's room now that he's outgrown his toddler bed. It's time for an upgrade to his true "big boy" room and I have a feeling we'll head down this path for the new look.

Sources for all the images, left to right, top to bottom:

1. Scandi green accent wall

2. Green and turquoise mountain

3. Sunset behind mountains

4. Bright Parisian Treehouse

5. Foxes Foxes Foxes!

6. Bright Jungle

7. Olive retreat

8. Wood Animal Mural

9. Dark forest bohemian

Graphics by Maddie Osgood