July Love List

I'm sneaking this one in *right* before July is over! Here is a round-up of all the things I'm loving right now.

1. Soeur

Soeur is an amazing French brand created by two sisters (hence the name Soeur), Domitille and Angélique Brion. They've perfectly captured that je ne sais quoi of bohemian French girl chic. One of each, please! Full disclosure - my husband discovered this brand on a recent work trip to France and he knew from the first look my heart would go pitter patter over their style.

International shipping isn't cheap (sorry), but they have great end of season sales if you can wait!

blandine-blouse Soeur.jpg

2. The Defiant Ones

HBO released a 4-part documentary about Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine called The Defiant Ones, I'm hooked. Just being able to watch footage of some of the greatest musicians of all time creating their art is incredibly inspiring. We get to see the drive and commitment they all had, witnessing the perfectionism and raw talent at work. And then watch it occasionally fall part. It's really good. It's all about the music and artists of my teen years, and even growing up in Wisconsin, Dr. Dre's music and influence connected. I have critiques of the series, of course, but this is a spectacularly edited look back at 90s & 00s hip hop and music culture. 

3. Hoover Cordless Vacuum

Um, I feel bad even putting this on here. So boring. So.... ugh. It's a cordless stick vacuum cleaner. But it has CHANGED MY LIFE!! HA! No more lugging out my huge Dyson for small jobs, no more sweeping...and sweeping and sweeping food crumbs after every meal. It's so light and easy I don't mind vacuuming our whole main floor every day. AND, best of all, my kids fight over who gets to use it. Parenting win right there. 

Apologies for the super boring reco, but man, I feel bad not telling everyone about it.

4. Practically Perfect LA

With a penchant for organizing things in rainbow order, the women at Practically Perfect LA have the most inspiring Instagram account! I'm an aspiring organized person, so getting this dose of order every day is really helpful in my quest.

Organized shelves

That's my list for this month! I'm keeping track of all the little things that bring me joy and trying to capture that to share with you on a regular basis. If you have any life-changing (or even just happiness-causing things that you've discovered, let me know!