June Love List

Monthly Love Lists

I'm constantly trying new products, services, activities, reading books, doing stuff with my kids, attempting organization projects or self-improvement tactics; I research a lot of design trends and am always on the hunt for inspiration; and I Pin like crazy. (Get yourself over there and follow along!) There's so much that I'm trying and learning, this might a nice way to share some of the random things I *really* love. SO... here's my first Love List!

1. Wow in the World - A Podcast for Kids

My kids are obsessed with "their" podcast - it's truly a podcast for little ears. Each episode is 30 minutes long, broken into two 15-minute stories. The website even has conversation starters for parents. I love the fun tone and sort of goofy personalities of Guy and Mindy and the boys think the kid jokes are hilarious. Huge win for anyone who's carpooling all over town!

2. Bumble & bumble. Surf Infusion Spray

My hairstylist hooked me up with this and it's helped me rediscover air-drying my hair... and also my natural curls! The original Bb. salt spray is awesome too, but THIS one is even better because it's infused with oil so it's not so drying. I'll spritz it onto both damp hair and dry hair for a freshen up. Loving it.

3. Bandanas

I know it's kind of a trend right now, but I LOVE these bandana scarves. A good neckerchief can add color to a wardrobe of neutrals, take the place of jewelry, or just polish up a simple button down. I have the cutest, hand-dyed version from local Twin Cities company Goldfinch, plus a view vintage silk scarves that are always in the mix.

4. Hello Fresh.

We've been using Hello Fresh for a few months now and everyone in the family really likes it! I am getting used to the idea that I need to cook 3 nights a week (!), but each of the recipes we've used has been great! Even the boys (who are 4 and 7) have liked the food. Honestly, I usually love meal planning - so much so I designed a product to do it my way - but there's something about summer that sends our usual routine into a tailspin and not having to think about what to make for dinner is really nice. I still try to have a plan for the week, but now, three days a week get to be "Hello Fresh" days which require no extra grocery shopping or planning! (I should mention there are other plans that have more meals, but we do the 3-day plan.)

5. These Shorts.

I'm not really much of a shorts girl, but they're pretty handy in hot weather when a dress isn't appropriate and pants will be too hot. I bought this pair in three colors (on Anthro Card day on sale!). The rise is perfect, the length is just right and can be folded up or down to your taste, and the overall fit is great (size up for a nice relaxed fit). I have had a really hard time finding shorts I feel comfortable in, so it was like hitting the jackpot with these.

What do you guys think about the latest loves?

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