Meal Planner + Prescribe 20 Giveaway!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!! It's been a 2016 to remember - for all the good and bad that came with it. Time for a fresh start and reinvigoration. I know I'm refocusing my energy in different ways this year, how about you??

One of my goals is to get back to planning meals and eating clean 90% of the time (knowing 10% will be for special occasions and exhaustion, ha!) To help kickstart that big goal, I'm going to participate in Prescribe Nutrition's amazing Prescribe 20 program - which I've already done once and LOVED. I start this round on January 9th.

The Giveaway

I'm sure many of you are trying to eat healthier in the New Year too, so I have partnered with Prescribe Nutrition and am giving away TWO spots to their amazing Prescribe 20 program - one for you and one for a friend! PLUS I'll send you one of my meal planning notepads to help with getting organized!

A few things I love about Prescribe 20:

  • It's not a restrictive cleanse. It's totally manageable and you eat REAL food.
  • It's just 20 days - I can do anything for 20 days!
  • Your 20 days starts WHENEVER you want. So if you know you have a beach vaca coming up, you can back out 20 days and start then. It fits with your life.
  • Each day you get to learn something new and implement that learning into your life. (I think it's important that not ALL of the information comes at one time, where it's easy to forget or feels super overwhelming.)
  • The recipes are good. Lots of new ideas and all super yummy!
  • It feels sustainable - like you might want to continue eating this way beyond the 20 days.

How to Enter

The giveaway will begin on Tuesday, January 3rd with an Instagram post! To enter, head over to @sennandsons on Instagram and find the post with the above photo. The next steps are simple!

1. LIKE the post.

2. TAG a friend to join you for Prescribe 20 in the comments.

3. Make sure you are following BOTH @prescribe_nutrition and @sennandsons.

And a Discount!

If you just want to get started, head over to Prescribe Nutrition and use the code SENN20 for a 20% discount on any product or program! I'll see you in there on January 9th. :)

* I am a Prescribe Nutrition Brand Ambassador and may receive a small referral fee for any purchase. All opinions written are my own and I'm not being paid to say anything here! *