Staying Focused on Goals

Here's the truth: We are all being pulled in a million directions on a daily basis. We have work demands (and goals!), kids activities and schoolwork, home maintenance and updates, yard work, and if you're feeling ambitious, maybe even some social engagements. I'm sure everyone has different priorities and things on our to-do list, but my point is that WE. ARE. BUSY.

With that constant stream of to-dos, I find it really important to prioritize what I have going on to be sure I'm focused on the right things and to stay on track with my goals (both personal and professional).

I use the classic URGENT/IMPORTANT matrix to help me figure out how to spend each day. (The gist is that you do the most Important AND Urgent things first, then move onto the Important but not so Urgent tasks. The very last thing you do should be Urgent & Less Important. And you don't do ANYTHING that's neither important nor urgent.)

One of the ways I've started planning out my weeks beyond using both Google Calendar and my paper planner to track my schedule, is using this Weekly Priorities Planning Notepad that I designed specifically when I was feeling overwhelmed and wanted a solution.

With huge goals for my home and life as well as for Senn & Sons, I needed a way to stay on track. I'm pretty easily distracted by random things that get thrown at me and I work from home - meaning that there is always a load of laundry, dishes or some other task that needs to be done, and even "research" for some odd job that I have on my list can sneak into my day. (I use ALL these things as tools for procrastination!) This notepad helps me stay on track by being a constant reminder of what I need to be focused on that day.

Here's a quick breakdown of how I use my notepad. While I keep all of my ongoing to-do list in Asana, which is a great project management app, this notepad serves as my highly FOCUSED and VISIBLE reminder of what I should be working on. I keep it on my desk and refer to it constantly throughout my week.

This notepad has made such a difference for me in staying focused on my high-priority to-dos and making progress toward my larger goals. It helps me plan out my time and makes me feel incredibly accomplished when I'm able to see the progress I'm making at the end of the week. And if things don't go as planned? No biggie, I move the tasks to the following week and trash this week's page!

Give it a try: