DIY Painted Glass Ornaments

Sometimes when the grind of the holiday busy-ness gets to me, I need to make something with my hands to calm my brain down. (Usually this process involves baking treats, but I thought I’d save my waistline the trouble and do a craft instead!) This project turned out kind of nicely, so I posted it on Instagram and got some requests for a tutorial.

DIY Painted Glass Ornaments.JPG

STEP 1: Gather your materials

  • jar of water

  • paper towels

  • acrylic paints (any colors you choose!)

  • scissors

  • ribbon, cord, string, etc.

  • clear glass ornaments

DIY Painted Glass Ornaments_03.JPG

STEP 2: Remove metal cap from ornament

STEP 3: Select colors for your ornament

Tip: For this marbled effect, I really like using tones of the same color - for instance, I chose all of my green varieties here, but I could also have gone with reds and pinks for the same effect.

STEP 4: Squeeze paints into the ornament

This is the fun and unpredictable part of the process! Squeeze each color into the ornament, rotating the bulb around and letting the paint move inside the ornament. You’ll want to look closely and try to cover every clear part of the inside of the bulb.

DIY Painted Glass Ornaments_07.JPG

STEP 5: Shake and shimmy the paint around

DIY Painted Glass Ornaments_09.JPG

STEP 6: Set the ornament back into the tray to dry

*IMPORTANT: Continue to rotate the bulb around until it is COMPLETELY dry, which could take a couple of days depending on the thickness of your paint! You want to ensure the paint sticks to the inside rather than collecting at the “bottom.”

I tend to rotate it quite often (every 30 min or so) in the first few hours, and then every few hours for the day or two following.

You will notice that the marbling will start to take form as the paint moves inside the bulb and starts to dry. This is the fun and unexpected part of this craft - you never really know what you’ll get!

DIY Painted Glass Ornaments_10.JPG

STEP 7: Put the cap back onto the bulb

You might want to add a few drops of Gorilla Glue or some other super adhesive to keep it on.

DIY Painted Glass Ornaments_11.JPG

STEP 8: Add your beautiful ribbon for hanging!

If you try this tutorial and like it, please share your results with me on Instagram, and feel free to pin the graphic here or share with friends - the more the merrier!

DIY Painted Glass Ornaments.png