How to Order Senn & Sons Designs on Shutterfly

Hey, friends! I've had a couple of requests to share the best way to order the Shutterfly products I've been sharing on Instagram on their site.


1. Go to

2. Scroll down to find my designs.

3. Click on the "Start Here" button by my photo.

How to Order 1.png

4. Choose the product you'd like to create.

How to Order 2.png

5. Click on the "Personalize" Button.

How to Order 3.png

6. Choose to "Add Photos" to the product.

How to Order 4.png

7. Click on the "Art Library" when you see these options on screen.


8. Scroll down the Art Library to find my collection of designs.

How to Order 6.png

9. Click on the "Kimberly Senn" folder.

How to Order 7.png

10. Choose one or more designs to use to customize your product.


11. Below the product mock-up, you'll see the designs you chose. Drag the one you'd like to use onto the product.


12. Check the boxes on the left menu to make your customizations. (Different options for each product.)

How to Order 10.png

13. Et Viola! Add that baby to your cart!