Surtex Mailers

In my Surtex recap I mentioned that I sent out some mailers to some folks I am interested in working with, inviting them to join me at my booth to say hello. I wanted to make them somewhat personal and stand out in the mail, share a bit about me and my work, and be SUPER CLEAR where I could be found both at the show and online.

Surtex Mailer.jpg

I used colorful envelopes with hand-written addresses to mail a tri-fold enclosure with my business card, a mini portfolio, and an "invitation" to come visit me at Surtex. (In a sort of efficiency, I also created these to give away at my booth and the card portion thanked the person for visiting.)

This was one part of my pre-show marketing plans and I plan to follow up with all of the people I sent mailers to as well as everyone who came to my booth. The show doesn't really end once it's broken down - I'm finding the real work started after getting home.

Surtex Mailers 3.jpg
Surtex Mailers Mini Portfolio.jpg
Surtex Mailers 2.jpg