25 Days of Holiday Crafting.

Before you start to think I'm completely crazy and actually doing 25 days of crafting, I want to introduce the adorable and talented Jennifer Paschal Gottlieb, owner of Bruce Forrester Photography here in San Francisco. On top of being an amazing photographer, Jen writes a blog with her husband Dave (that handsome chap in the photo) chronicling their life in the Bay Area, travels, foodie treats and crafty projects.

Jen's the type of gal who unexpectedly shows up on your doorstep the day before Thanksgiving to deliver homemade pumpkin butter perfectly packaged and perfectly delicious. Not a joke, this happened just last week.

And a girl after my own heart, she painted wine glasses with chalkboard paint so her guests will never mix up their glasses again.

Her latest pursuit makes me so excited I just had to share so you guys could follow along too. She's decided to take on 25 days of projects in December, blogging about one each day until Christmas. Knowing her, the projects are going to be incredible and the photography will be killer.

Today is Day 1 of her 25 days of blogging and her first project is so cool and easy that I want to run out and make it right now! (Don't worry, I'm not going to, I've got some painting to do.) Click here to check out Jen's full post on making her matchbook advent calendar.

Be sure to stop by her blog Jen and Dave by the Bay every day until Christmas for more project inspiration and holiday crafting ideas! She spilled a couple of teasers to me last night, so look forward to seeing her DIY snow globes, an ornament wreath and pine cone garland too.

All photos courtesy of Jennifer Paschal Gottlieb.