A Bookish Baby Shower.

Senn & Sons // Book Themed Baby Shower There are so many great ideas for baby showers and parties floating around these days. Sites like Pinterest and Project Nursery make it easy to find limitless inspiration for throwing a killer party, so when I got this unique invitation for a baby shower, I just had to share it.

Rather than having a traditional, ladies-only, baby blue or pink luncheon, this is going to be a bookish, co-ed, evening soirée. I can't imagine anything more perfect for the parents-to-be -- she's a writer and communications strategist and he's a college professor. Having a fully-stocked library for the kiddos (they're expecting twins) makes complete sense.

Guests are invited to bring two books labeled with  adorable bookplates that were included in the invitations. Books are our go-to gift for birthdays and showers, so I just love this idea and can't wait to choose two of our favorite books for the babies.

Senn & Sons // Book themed baby shower

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* Invitation illustrations by Ideal Bookshelf