A Peek Under the Tent.

Not every day is productive around this house. In fact, most days are quite the opposite of productive. That's not to say that I'm not TRYING to get things done, it's almost completely impossible with a 16 month old around. For those who have ever spent a good amount of time with a toddler, you know what I'm talking about. For those who haven't, well, imagine spending your entire day running in circles chasing after something that is set on either destroying itself or the nearest object to it, and your job is to ensure that nothing at all is destroyed. Nothing. Now try to get something besides 'preventing destruction' accomplished. Before you go thinking I'm complaining, I most definitely am not - since it's impossible to accomplish anything productive, we tend to spend all of our time having fun instead. But there is a beautiful time during the day, however brief, that I am blessed with quiet and freedom. Nap time. This is when the magic happens around here - when beds get made, laundry and dishes get done, bills get paid, floors get swept, food gets cooked, gardens get gardened, hair gets brushed (eh, not really), and paintings get painted.

I'm working on a couple of things at the moment that make me really excited. Some custom triptychs for über-creative people with great ideas and amazing feedback - one of which is pictured here in-progress. It's going to look so great in the room I can't stand it. The other thing that's making me all warm & toasty is working with patterns and wood panels. I like to share my works in progress when I'm just not feeling things are right - and when I'm not feeling it, my friends are able to look at what I'm doing in a totally new way and give me a ton of great ideas for making it work. See that wood-toned rocket hiding behind all that patterned paper? I wasn't feeling it, tossed it out for feedback and guess what - this is what it looks like now. Way more fun.

I'll need to reverse the process the next time around to make it look really great, but I love the trial and error (and error and error and error) process and then finally getting to a point that makes me smile. I always hope that this point hits me before the precious nap time is over, but even if it doesn't, I can still look around at the mess I've made and know that I'm one step closer to creating something that makes me, and hopefully someone else, smile.