A Very Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Folks  

I always get a little nostalgic around the holidays. All that family time, traveling, food, decorations and fun bring out year after year of happy memories. As my little family of four begins to establish our own traditions, we look back at our childhood celebrations and attempt to bring some of that Christmas magic to the season for our own children.

This year we are spending our holidays in Minnesota - my husband's home state and our family's new home. There's snow on the ground, a fire burning in the fireplace, a turkey in the oven and presents under the tree, just like it always has been on Christmas. We have a lot to sort out in our new city, but having my family just across the Mississippi in Wisconsin and Marty's parents just down the road make this new adventure feel a whole lot like coming home.

{{Photo taken at Blackbird Café Minneapolis.}}

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