A Wintry Tablescape.

I know I said I wasn't going to do much decorating for the holidays this year, but I really couldn't help but switch up the very autumnal dining room table settings to something a bit more wintry and festive. The table was still dressed up for Thanksgiving with all of the yellows and oranges, deeply colored hydrangea stems and adorable succulent tins made by my friend Jen. I loved how the table looked, but as fall passed and we entered the holiday season, I knew it was time for a change.

Here's how the table looked earlier this week (minus the place settings):

(What do you think about our new rug?)

Here's how it looks now:

Just switching the runner, trading the hydrangeas for an air plant and adding a few ornament baubles for some holiday cheer made my table totally seasonally appropriate. Nothing to it.

I kind of like the idea of making little tweaks to the table as the seasons change. Does you guys do seasonal decor changes?