And....we're live!

Aw man, this is another one of those posts that makes me giddy with excitement. I've been working with the amazing designer Bre of Breanna Rose Design to make the Senn & Sons website look completely and utterly awesome. I am totally enamored with the new design - it's clean, cheerful and a just touch whimsical - exactly what we wanted it to be! Bre took some cryptic, and occasionally contradictory, direction and spun it expertly into a seamless design that tied a bunch of information, a shop and blog into one brilliant little package. So good, so, so good.

The starting point was, of course, the incredible Senn & Sons logo designed by Kele Dobrinski, one of the best art directors I've ever worked with.

I feel pretty lucky to have worked with both of these incredible designers, and I think the site is simply perfect and makes me even more passionate about creating new artwork to fill up my shop.

A quick rundown of some of my favorite new features on the site:

~ New location for the Senn & Sons blog (I'm still "making the most of naptime," but someone should have warned me that 2 1/2 year olds start skipping their naps!!).

~ A quick and easy way to contact me.

~ Answers to your questions.


Within a couple of weeks the shop will be filled with new prints on both canvas and paper, which makes me even happier. I know I've talked a lot about going "bird by bird," but bringing Senn & Sons to life through this website and developing prints are the perfect examples of taking daunting projects and going one step at a time to make them a reality. Let me tell you, this reality feels GOOD.

What do you think about the new look?

*** I think we've worked out all the weird little glitches that come up when you make a website, but please let me know if you encounter anything while browsing around the new site! ***

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