Be Courageous.

live courageously  

Earlier this week I had a two-page word document filled with my new year's resolutions. Then I realized that there's no way I'll be able to remember everything that's written in a two-page document... and even if I do, there's no way I'll be able to live up to everything I've written.

Despite entering 2013 resolution-less, I came across an article from Fast Company that left me feeling inspired for the year to come. In the haste of my busy day, I skimmed through the post quickly, but the whole gist struck me as right on. We choose how to go into each day - it's the only thing we can really control. (And if we're honest, the biggest indicator of how the day will actually go.) Beyond that big thought, two of the principles the author touched on really stuck with me.

First, "be yourself and be courageous." Be courageous! What a nice way to say take risks, do something scary, be proud of who you are. Challenge accepted.

The other one that stuck out for me was "do something new for the first time." Sure, there's not a ton of time to pick up a new hobby these days, but why not try something I've never done before? It feels like an extension of "be courageous" in a way, since doing new things requires a bit of courage anyway.

So that's how I'll enter this year. With pride, with anticipation and, most importantly, with courage.

{Live Courageously letterpress card from Sweet Afton Studio Etsy shop.}

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