Big Boy Room, Painted.

I told you I'd make up for actually relaxing on a weekend. On our bonus weekend day, the hubs and I dropped the little man off at day care, stopped at the paint store and were home by 10:00 a.m. to start painting his Big Boy Room. Once we were home, it took a little while (like an hour) to gather supplies, move the furniture, wipe down the walls and trim, take down the light, remove the shelves and art from the walls and cover surfaces with drop cloths.

I actually still really like the "before" room. It's fun, colorful and bright. But it's just not cohesive with what we're doing in the rest of the house, so I wanted to make a few changes.

With that, we got to work. We decided to swap out the aqua ceiling for a crisp white that matched the trim (Benjamin Moore ceiling paint in White Diamond, and replace the gray with a rich blue-gray color (Benjamin Moore Philipsburg Blue).

If you've ever painted walls in a 103-year-old Victorian, you know there are decades worth of paint layers to contend with, along with lath and plaster walls, which are by no means smooth and flat. Add to that a few earthquakes every year that shake the walls around,  and you've got yourself a tough painting job. Taping off the line is a futile effort, so it's best to freehand the edging. No matter how steady your hand is, though, it's still going to be a bit sloppy.

I plan to touch up the trim the next time I have some time, but it looks okay for the time being. (Clearly not evidenced in the photos above.)

The real problem is the giant blue paint spill. (OH SHIT!) Ironically this happened while moving the drop cloth. We planned to replace the carpet in this room at some point in the near future anyway, so it's not a huge deal, but still kind of annoying.

Every time the little guy goes into his room now he says, "Oh! Painting on floor!"

Despite the little blemish on the floor, I absolutely LOVE our new room colors!

We still have a long way to go on creating the full effect in the room, but at least the walls are painted now! Bird by bird, right?

Like the new color?