Bird by Bird: The Entryway Plan.

We're making some serious progress on our entryway. After hanging the gallery wall, the hubs and I decided it would be best if we came up with a plan before doing anything more to the area.

Before thinking about the aesthetics of the design, I always start by making a list of how the space will function and what I actually need to make it work for us. After that's sorted, I get to dig into the fun stuff - how it's going to look. Here's what I determined the entryway space needs:

  • a place to hang coats and bags (there’s a coat closet nearby, but sometimes it’s nice to just come in and hang stuff on a hook)
  • a place to store shoes
  • a place table to drop keys, wallets, phones, sunglasses, etc.
  • perhaps a little bench or chair to sit and put on shoes
Pretty standard stuff for an entryway, or as Apartment Therapy likes to call it, "the landing strip."
So here's the plan.

  1. Coat Rack, similar on Etsy. Okay, I found this amazing coat rack with vintage iron hooks and I can't find anything similar for sale, so I think this is going to be a DIY project. Hopefully I'll be able to find hooks like these to attach to a weathered piece of wood.
  2. Sheepskin Rug, IKEA. I love these rugs. I think I'll move one of ours to the entryway to add some softness to the area.
  3. Wire Basket, similar at Restoration Hardware. Perfect for corralling shoes.
  4. Ceramic Vases, West Elm. These are super sculptural and sleek, a nice contrast to the industrial feel of the wire basket and rough wood of the coat rack. (Is anyone else AMAZED at how great West Elm is right now? They've got some seriously great style happening.)
  5. X Bench, Ballard Designs in Danish Linen. A totally affordable X bench that will be the perfect place to take a seat when putting shoes on.
  6. Rug, West Elm. We've got a lot of gray and yellow throughout the house, so this graphic rug will fit right in and set the stage for the rest of our home.
  7. Dresser, vintage. (Photo credit Sumitra Woodcraft). The dresser in the design board is similar to the dresser in our bedroom that I've had for almost ten years now. The thing has been around the world with me and it's a pretty solid piece of furniture. My parents found it at a garage sale in Wisconsin, painted pink (over blue, over yellow, over white, you get the picture). They stripped the paint and refinished it in a warm, rich tone and put on new hardware and I've used it ever since! I'm going to move it from the bedroom to use in the entry, which means we'll need to find new dressers for the bedroom now. Who knows how long I'll be digging my socks out of the drawers in the entryway.
  8. Umbrella Stand, Horchow. I really love the graphic cutouts in this umbrella stand and think it's a nice pairing with the graphic pattern of the rug.

What do you think? Functional? Fun? It definitely ticks all my boxes on the list of things the space needs to do, but does it pass your style test? Can't wait to implement the plan and share the "after" with you guys.

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