Birth & Baby Fair Booth Plans.

The SF Birth & Baby Fair is in two weeks, which means it's time to get my final plans for the booth in place and get to work on all the projects that might arise from such plans. For me, that includes doing a really terrible rough sketch that only I would know how to interpret unless I give you a detailed explanation...which I will do now. (It might be hard to see the image here in your browser, so click on it to see it a bit larger.)

I want to create a visually fun and colorful booth that welcomes people to take a look at my work, ask questions and either buy one of the paintings that will be for sale or place a pre-order for a custom piece that I will create for them after the show. We're given only an 8 foot long table and two chairs, so everything else is up to me!

I've done a bit of research on what makes for a good booth design, and the information varies widely depending on what your goals for the booth are and what you'll be selling, if anything. Since my booth will be a combo of things for sale and information about my business that folks can take away with them, I sort of had to pick and choose the tips I took and apply them to what might work for me. Remember that this is all an experiment and while I've been to shows, I've never participated in one.

A few things I wanted to achieve with the booth design:

  1. Have a prominent sign/banner (for branding/logo).
  2. Add levels to the display (height!).
  3. Be sure your product stands out from the display/background (contrast).
  4. Have a sign that clearly states what types of payment you accept (especially if you accept credit cards).
  5. Table coverings should reach the floor (to hide anything stored beneath the table).

We'll see how everything comes together, and maybe I'll even pull together a "mood board" so you can get a sense of the materials I'll be using in the display. I'm excited about this new experience and feeling pretty good about how things are coming together. If you've ever done an event like this and have tips, please comment or email me!

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