Celebrating Halloween is so much more fun with children. Little costumes, pumpkins, decorations, treats...what's not to love? This is my second Halloween as a mom, and the first with a little one old enough to (sort of) understand the idea of a costume.

Not only did he seem to understand the idea of the costume, he knew that it was something he should NOT want to wear. After a typical toddler-getting-dressed fight, we hit the streets of San Francisco dressed like this:

Since last week was crazy busy and the hubs had to travel to New York for work, I didn't have much time to work on a handmade Halloween costume for the little guy, so we decided to go with something easy to pull together that didn't require much work.

These lederhosen are the real deal, direct from Bavaria, and our little man is the third grandchild to have the chance to wear them. Oh yes, that's a giant beer stein in our child's hand. (I'd post a DIY tutorial, but I'm guessing not many other people would be interested in making a fake mug of beer for their kids.)

As we were walking to the Halloween party hosted by our friends a few blocks away, a woman slowed her car, rolled down her window and laughing loudly asked, "Bist du ein Bayern?!" (The hubs quickly translated for me, "Are you a little Bavarian?") She couldn't get enough of his costume and drove away, still laughing out loud.

(The adorable "Boo!" was made from Lego Duplo blocks and served as a brilliant mantle decoration at the party. So creative, right?)

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween filled fun-sized candy bars.