Celebrating Baby D. 2.0 in Style.

I've mentioned that the hubs and I hosted a baby celebration party for some friends complete with colorful pom-poms, a flag bunting and an alphabet book made by the super-creative party guests, so I thought you might want to see how it all came together for us.

We had three toddlers running around the house, so I created little goodie bags for each of the boys (yes, all boys for this group and another boy on the way!). I also put together little goodie bag for the mama-to-be that was filled with a few much-deserved pampering products.

Since my girlfriends are all amazing cooks, they helped with pulling together an amazing bar-b-que style feast for the party. Pulled pork sandwiches, seasonal fruit, deviled eggs, baked beans, potato salad, chocolate cupcakes and a delicious watermelon agua fresca kept everyone happy.

We even had a "photo booth" set up with a graphic black and white backdrop, and our photographer friend Jen snapped photos of everyone at the party. I'll share some shots from the booth soon! I think we might have even gotten a photo with the three little boys all together, which would be a miracle since all of them move a mile a minute.

We are looking forward to meeting the new little guy in a couple of weeks and were so happy to be able to celebrate his upcoming arrival into the world!

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