Challenge Schmallenge. Part One.

I decided I was up for the Pinterest Challenge a few bloggers put out there last week, and actually managed to finish two projects based on things I had "pinned" on Pinterest. (Yeah, TWO projects! Look at me now.) Here's the thing - I don't really have time to do things just to do them, so the projects I picked actually solved little problems for me...check out the photo below for the first.

I store my jewelry in little cardboard boxes. Yeah, I suppose the metallic finish makes it a little classier than just a plain old box, but c'mon, my bling deserves better treatment that a cardboard box.

I pinned this photo from a Young House Love office crashing post a few weeks ago and have been excited to give it a try. How could I not try something that looks super-easy (it is) and so handy (it's that too)? I love how putting gorgeous jewelry on a canvas feels like an art display.

So here we go. The materials are simple and cheap:

  • Linen artist canvas (clear gesso vs. white)
  • T-pins
  • Jewelry (depending on your taste, maybe not so cheap)

This DIY was so easy I almost feel guilty writing about it since I didn't really have to DO anything. But I did discover a couple of tricks, so I'll share them in case you try this project yourself.

  • Stick the pins in at an angle.
  • Stick the pin through the canvas to create a little hole before putting your earrings through. (This prevents the earring backs from bending as you put them through the canvas.)
  • Don't forget about using the sides of the canvas too. (I hung my bracelets from the side.)

Since this experiment worked and I have a whole drawer filled with little boxes containing other jewelry, I plan to get a few additional canvases, fill them up with bling and hang them on my wall. I can still use my ceramic egg crate from Anthropologie for other things like rings and watches. Here's what I really love about the canvas panels - I get to see all my jewelry on display, making it so easy to pick something out when I'm getting dressed.

Have you checked out Pinterest yet? Do you plan to try DIYing anything you've pinned?

Check back later this week for a recap of my other challenge project. And don't forget to click through to the  challenge originators' posts too! Young House Love created a clothespin pendant lamp, Katie at Bower Power created an amazing statement mirror with 50 cent particle board, Emily Henderson from HGTV's Design Star blinged out her closet doors, and Lana at Making a House a Home turned her fridge into a chalkboard.

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