Challenge Schmallenge. Part Two.

I mentioned on Monday that I accepted a Pinterest Challenge issued by a few bloggers and finished TWO projects for it: a super-easy and elegant way to store and display jewelry, and today's project, which I finally had a chance to put together a post about. This one was a little more time-consuming, but definitely worth it in the end. When we hung the gallery wall in the entryway, there were a few frames still awkwardly displaying the stock photos the frames came with, including a lovely couple dancing in Europe and the odd Frenchman holding onto some framing tools. I wanted to remedy this situation as quickly as possible, so I decided to fill up that empty dark frame below my beloved corn dog print from Alyson Thomas with some easy, graphic DIY art.

When I saw this post on the blog How About Orange with a tutorial for creating cheap and graphic art from paint chips, I pinned it right away and thought it would be the perfect way to fill one of my empty frames. I had also recently pinned this amazing piece of art from Etsy artist Julie Bonifay in her shop called Magna Paint because I loved the colors, shape and energy of the piece. I figured I could use her color choices as inspiration for my DIY paint chip art, so I have a dual "inspiration" pins.

Jessica over at How About Orange gives a full tutorial which I sort of followed, but had to make a few adjustments since I didn't have access to the same materials (like the xyron machine). But all in all, I was able to follow her instructions pretty closely!

I went over to the Benjamin Moore paint shop near my flat and picked out my colors based on the art above. I got WAY too many chips, but figured I would mess up a few and would rather have more than needed than ending up needing to go back for more.

First, I measured out the triangles on the chips and cut them using an Xacto knife and straight edge. (I measured the triangles on the chips before cutting them since I've never really had luck cutting one then measuring the others from the template. I'm particular like that.) Apparently I like keeping my art projects organized since this is what I ended up with after I had cut all my paint chips.

But I wanted to get a nice random layout of colors instead of a design that seemed too organized, so I put the triangles in a pile and shuffled them around to be sure I would just pick one up and place it on my paper rather than systematically arranging the pieces.

I started laying out each one on the page and sticking it with a glue stick to my template page.

Here's what I was left with when all of my triangles were glued down. Somehow I missed one little piece of the instructions, and I SHOULD HAVE let the triangles overhang the template page by at least 1/2" and then trimmed them after I had placed all of my triangles. It would have led to a nicer finished piece. (Since I have so many leftover paint chips, there's a good chance I give it another go to get it right the next time around.)

But once I stuck that baby in the frame, I didn't notice the rough edges or imperfections as much. And actually, the little slivers of white poking through make this finished piece feel a bit like a cool screen print.

In the end, I'm so happy with how it turned out and how it fits into the gallery wall. Now, to find a cool 5x7 photo to replace that creepy dancing couple next to my lovely triangles...

(Go ahead and click through to the  challenge originators' posts too! Young House Love created a clothes pin pendant lamp, Katie at Bower Power created an amazing statement mirror with 50 cent particle board, Emily Henderson from HGTV's Design Star blinged out her closet doors, and Lana at Making a House a Home turned her fridge into a chalkboard.)

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