Here's the thing... I've been lucky to be incredibly busy working on paintings for clients all across the country. But that means I haven't had much time to do other projects to blog about. (Good problem to have, right?) Here's the other thing... I miss doing those  little projects. I love this print from Etsy shop Yellow Heart Art. It's like a daily reminder to just make stuff.

Since my larger paintings take 10 to 12 hours (over a week or two) for me to complete, sometimes it's nice to do short little projects that only take a few minutes to do. And when I have a dozen clients waiting patiently for me to finish their paintings (or simply share my color and design ideas), I feel guilty working on anything other than just those projects. But maybe I need to give myself a break every now and then to shift my creative energy to something else. Something little, frivolous or - heaven-forbid - completely unnecessary.

We'll see if seeing the word "CREATE" will inspire me to do some quickie creative projects. In the meantime, maybe it will just keep me on track while I begin producing some exciting new things that I CAN'T WAIT to share with everyone.

(Yellow Heart Art Print, Etsy shop found via Handmade Success.)