Do you "Shoebox" yet?

Since it appears to be spring in places that have seasons, that can mean only one thing. Spring Cleaning. I suppose it can also mean baseball season starting, gearing up for backyard BBQ's and dusting off the 8 pound dumbbells to get in shape for summer. But mostly, I think it means Spring Cleaning.

Part of that is getting a fresh start on organizing your home. (Dudes, I'm terrible at this. I've actually had to ask for help because I'm so terrible at being organized.) But my friends over at 1000memories actually came up with something pretty cool that may help with part of the spring cleaning process. They developed a super handy (and totally free) app called Shoebox that essentially turns your  smart phone into a scanner that allows you to capture images of your old photos and documents directly to your phone and their website, creating online collections of memories. What I think is actually kind of unique to this app is that you can keep all of your photos completely private, until you choose to share with specific people, or you can link it up with your Facebook timeline and share away. It's nice to have that kind of control.

To help share how their site works, the folks at 1000memories "discovered," then sent out a few shoeboxes to bloggers (and friends) across the country. When this gorgeous old wooden box showed up on my doorstep, I was excited to dig into the story that lived inside it.

Shoebox #9 was chock full of treasures, all of which can be seen here on 1000memories - if you click on the photos, you'll be able to see more details about each one.

This is Milly and Frank, and the letters, photos, ticket stubs and trinkets were all part of their story as a couple. So sweet, and so interesting to be able to take a peek into their life together and watch their budding romance over the decades. Everything here was from the '20s, '30s, '40s and '50s, some pretty incredible stuff.

This photo of Milly and Frank on a dock was my favorite, which you can see more closely here.

If you're in the midst of spring cleaning and come across an old box filled with photos and memories, I'd highly recommend Shoeboxing them. Hey, it's a lot easier than trying to make a scrapbook and a lot more fun than letting the stuff sit inside a dark closet.

You can download Shoebox free here or directly from the iTunes store.

(Note: While the kind folks at 1000memories sent me this lovely collection of memories to explore while discovering their product, I was not compensated for writing this post. It's 100% my opinion, which I'm always happy to share.)