Don't Know Your ABC's? I Have Just the Project for You.

It's really fun having super creative friends who live 3,000 miles away because you can totally "borrow" their ideas! I had the pleasure being a guest at a baby shower for a dear friend in NYC who's expecting a little girl this summer, and the hostesses organized the most adorable shower complete with Babycakes cupcakes. Beyond the charming decorations and delicious food, they had a sweet project for all the party guests to work on throughout the evening: an alphabet book for the baby created with illustrations done by the shower guests. How clever! Since my family was hosting a baby celebration party for some friends here in SF, I immediately wanted to do the same project with all of our friends for their new baby (and handsome little 2-year-old).

I picked up a photo album/scrapbook thingy with removable page sleeves so I could determine the number of pages the book would have. I made sure it had plastic covered pages to keep messy little fingers from the illustrations, and I got some alphabet stickers to put on each page (you can also print the letters right on the pages if you want to do it that way). I already had a bunch of crayons to use too.

It was a pretty simple idea - each person picked a few lettered blank pages, channeled their inner Picasso and drew something that starts with that letter, then signed the last page of the book. (We chose to keep the illustrations anonymous to be sure our guests didn't feel like they'd be judged on their artistic abilities.)

As you will see, the results were spectacular! We definitely have some creative talent in the group.

We can't wait to meet the new little guy in just a few short weeks, and I hope that both the boys enjoy learning the alphabet from this book.