Down on the Farm.

When you live in a city, there are times you feel like the only thing that will slow your life down to a normal, human pace and give you space to breath is to drive straight out of town and find the nearest open field to lie down in and watch the clouds pass overhead. A few weeks ago, my family was feeling the pull of an open field. I had just read that the farm that delivers a box of fruit and veggies to our doorstep every week was hosting a farm tour that very weekend, so we packed up the Volkswagen and headed about two hours north to Capay Valley to check it out. The promise of free live music, tractor rides and arts and crafts for the kids seemed worth the trip to us.

I'm happy to report that it was, and it will be again since the farm hosts events like this every second Saturday of the month. A huge bonus is that it's pretty cheap once you're there. Kids under 12 are free and it's only $4 per person if you are a Farm Fresh to You customer, or $8 per person for non-customers.

We took a tractor tram ride down to the fields, where we were able to pick our own veggies. That day, the fields were full of kale, so we (ahem, the little one) picked a few bunches to bring home.

We didn't have the foresight to pack our own picnic, so we picked up some snacks along the way and bought some sandwiches from the farm's fresh market stand. We gathered ourselves on a picnic blanket and settled in for a few minutes of live bluegrass.

The farm also set up cool little arts and crafts projects like hand-stamping postcards, and they had tubs filled with bubble solution and wands scattered around for bubble-making fun.

The beauty and peacefulness of the farm were exactly what we needed that weekend. We vowed to make it back as often as we could to decompress and share the idea of "farm to table" with our son. He was so excited when he got to help make kale chips from the leaves he had picked, we knew this could be a fun way to teach him where his food comes from. I can only imagine how fun it will be for him to pick a peach off a tree take a huge bite right there at the farm. We'll have to wait a few months for that, since the peach trees were just starting to bloom the week we were there.

The farm tour is actually happening again this coming Saturday, and you should go. You really should.

Farm Fresh to You Event Info:

Farm Tours, second Saturday of every month, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm.

23808 State Highway 16, Capay, CA 95607


$4 / per person for Farm Fresh To You customers & their guests (arriving together)

$8 / per person for the General Public

Free for Kids age 12 and under

And if you want to have some delicious fruits and veggies delivered to your front door every week, click here for some more info.