Finally, a Real Weekend.

When I'm faced with a three-day weekend, it seems the first two days slip by and somehow, sneakily, become ACTUAL weekend days. The kind of days that are spent with everyone cuddling in bed until 7:15 (we have a 2-year-old, that's sleeping in), wearing PJs 'til noon, watching football, reading magazines, finger painting on the floor and going out for a beer and burgers after all that relaxing makes you hungry.

The days weren't totally unproductive - I did manage to address all of our "Happy New Year" cards, so don't fret if you thought we'd taken you off the list, we're just really (really) behind the ball this year.

The magic about this particular three-day weekend is that today is one of the rare days (and when I say rare I mean twice a year, max) when our son's day care is open and my husband's office is closed. It means a full eight hours to work together on any home projects we've been dying to get done, but never find uninterrupted time to do them.

The other day I posted a design idea board for turning my son's nursery into a proper big boy's room, so I think we're going to take the time to paint the ceiling and walls. I'm not sure it's realistic to think we'll get it all done, but we'll certainly try.

Between coats I'll be editing some photos, doing taxes for the business, stuffing those addressed envelopes with new year greetings and working on commissioned paintings.

Do you guys have today off in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.? What are you doing with the extra time off?