From the Studio: You Guys Like to Party?

Most of my paintings so far have been specifically for kids' rooms, but a few of my clients have wanted art for other rooms in their homes and I've been more than happy to comply with their wishes. It's always fun for me to jump into a new project, especially when it's out of my usual comfort zone.

This is actually the first of a few new projects I've been working on that are for more "grown up" spaces. My client on this project is the most HILARIOUS, fun, smart, and did I mention hilarious, guy around. He's a Jersey boy in NYC with a penchant for the bubbly (and Lady Gaga), so what could be more perfect for his home than an exploding bottle of champagne?

The rays emanating from the bottle make this piece feel almost like a propaganda poster, and I added a monogram to make it more personal. It should also be noted that the bottle was inspired by the good stuff - and I *may* have had to pour myself a glass to really make this one work.

What do you guys think?