Getaway Grape!

When a friend who's spent a decade working in the wine business contacted me to create something for another friend of hers who was having a baby this fall, I was pretty intimidated by the brief: create something for the new baby girl's nursery that somehow incorporated the friends' shared love of winemaking. The initial ideas we talked about sparked the idea to create a design that featured a truck filled to the brim with grapes fresh from the harvest, with a lone grape escaping the bunch and bouncing away behind the truck.

The sketch I sent my client didn't have the "MURRAY FARMS" on the side of the truck, but when she approved the design and suggested that it might be cool to add their name to the piece, I thought this addition was so perfect! (Love having creative clients.) So I hand-painted each letter as though it was stenciled onto the boards on the truck.

I consider this proof that you can take a typically grown-up theme and make something kid-friendly with it. Oh, and that little girls can have trucks in their rooms too. I hope the Murray family loves their new piece of art.