Getting in the Mood for the Birth & Baby Fair.

I talked about my plan for the Senn & Sons booth at the SF Birth & Baby Fair yesterday, and thought it might be a good idea to take a look at the materials I was planning to use in the booth and create a little mood board. I wanted to include a few colors to stand out from the sea of exhibitors, but let most of the color come from the paintings which will be on display. Choosing red as the main color to echo my logo and branding with a pop of teal in the flag bunting will do just that, while textured neutrals will serve as the backdrop for some artwork.

Creating a mood board like this has actually helped me think through little things like the type of picture frame I want to use for my signage and the containers I will use for the drawing and to put my cards in. The details that are the keys to functionality could add a whole lot of style to the display.

Beyond the booth, a very insightful and helpful friend reminded me that I should think about how I look as well. I have been thinking so much about how to dress an 8 foot table that I hadn't even considered what i would wear to the event to look approachable and to make it clear I was the person to talk to at this booth. She suggested something really fun and I have a couple other ideas, so I guess you'll just have to stop by on Sunday, October 2nd to check out what I decided!

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