Getting Social.

Do you guys like social media? Yeah, me too. I'm all over the place, and would love to connect!     Twitter.

I love Twitter and find that it's a great way to connect with new friends (and old friends too, of course).


I usually just update the Senn & Sons Facebook page with photos of new work, updates on the blog and occasionally articles and links I find interesting and relevant. Would love to meet more of you here.


I pin interiors, food, art, design, kid stuff, style and other random things I like. I'm sure you guys are Pinners too, and maybe you even came across this site through Pinterest.

     Google Plus

I'm here... but where's everyone else? Anyway, I tend to update this page when I update the blog. If you're on G+, hit me up, add me to your circle or whatever we do here.

     Instagram username kssenn. You'll see a lot of pics of my kid here, but he's cute so it's okay.

Based on all of this, you must think I'm online all day! I'm not, I swear. I'll admit that having all these apps on my phone helps me check in a couple of times a day, but most of the time I do my internetting at the end of the day after the little one has gone to bed.

Don't be shy, stop by and say "hi" would ya?