Good Read: Thirty Two Magazine.

thirty two magazine cover I'm slightly, okay completely, addicted to magazines. I scour the newsstands on the regular for my favorite international design pubs, subscribe to an unknown number and always ALWAYS pick up trashy tabloids before I get on an airplane. In fact, I think I stuck with working in advertising for so long because I loved the unlimited supply of magazines crossing my desk. I was so excited when part of my Valentine's Day gift from my husband was an issue of the new-ish Thirty Two Magazine, a local (Twin Cities) publication.

thirty two spread 2

Started by a husband and wife team and funded by a Kickstarter campaign, Thirty Two is filled with interesting topics, beautiful photography, nice art direction, cool illustrations and graphics, and a really unique (perhaps even a bit critical?) take on Minnesotan culture.

It seems the editors are hell-bent on making the Twin Cities great, encouraging us - Minnesotans - to better ourselves and make an impact on our home state. It's also sending a big message to others who read it: this place is a helluva lot cooler than you think it is.

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