Green Week // Green Your Kitchen & Clean.

As Green Week continues, I keep taking small steps to a greener lifestyle. I spend a LOT of time in my kitchen these days, cooking, cleaning, cooking some more, cleaning some more (you get it), so this particular post touches on how I'll be living about 60% of my waking hours.

I like to cook with and eat organic whenever possible, and SF is a great place to do this since there's a farmer's market somewhere in the city nearly every day of the week all year round. Despite this, I still have had a hard time making this a part of my weekly routine. Don't get me wrong, I definitely love going, and fit it in maybe once a month, but to feed a family I need a lot more produce than I can carry in two or three reusable shopping bags.

Lucky for me there are also a lot of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) delivery services in the area and I can have farm-fresh, seasonal, local and organic fruits and veggies delivered to my doorstep every week for less than what I'd pay at Whole Foods. Count me in.

This was my first delivery from Farm Fresh to You. Nice, right? Nothing weird or unusable, everything perfectly fresh and ready to eat.

It was hard for me to get a shot of just the food since the little guy wanted to check out EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. on the table, naming each thing as he went. As I took the photo above he was saying to me, "Onion! Eat it!" And below, he's reaching for the broccoli, which (oddly) is his favorite veggie.

Beyond eating more local and organic food, I've tried to make a few other simple changes to make our kitchen a little more green. I'm not a scientist, nor is my research exhaustive, but I am doing little things that make sense for me and my family.

We've started using cloth napkins instead of paper towels or paper napkins. I have a bunch of mismatched, ugly old things that I've had for years, but I also have some fun napkins from Oh, Little Rabbit that I wrote about here. I think my new green lifestyle requires a few more of those.

I'm going to ditch all of my plastic storage containers for glass, like these from Williams-Sonoma or these at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I won't have to worry about chemicals leaching from the plastic into the food if I'm reheating it in the microwave. And even more exciting: no more gross orange-tinted plastic holding onto our delicious organic food.

And since I can't talk about the kitchen without a little mention about cleaning it (seriously, people, it never ends). Everywhere I turn, there's another article about how to get your entire house clean with just three inexpensive ingredients: vinegar, baking soda and lemon. Totally non-toxic, totally edible. Again, count me in. I'll just use this handy how-to from Real Simple to guide me along. And I've now switched over my dishwashing liquid and dishwasher powder for Mrs. Meyers and Seventh Generation.

And speaking of the dishwasher, I'm going to be using it a lot more often after reading this article. Hard to believe, but it's actually better for the environment to run a full dishwasher than it is to hand wash all those dishes. Excellent!

Anyway, these are just a few of the ways I'm greening my kitchen. Small steps toward living a more eco-conscious and healthy life.

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