Hanging a Wreath the Easy Way.

So I don't plan to do much decorating for the holidays, but still wanted to add a little festivity to our home. 'Tis the season, ya know.I decided the best way to bring a little cheer to the place would be right at the front door. I always love the look, feel and smell of real Christmas trees, wreaths and garland, so I picked up the finest wreath I could find at the Ace Hardware five and dime down the road. They have a surprisingly robust craft aisle too, so I ditched the red plastic/velvet bow attached to the wreath and picked up a few yards of this sage-y green satin ribbon to use for hanging my wreath.

Now, this is the real trick I wanted to share. I had a few of these 3M Command hooks that I've used for holiday decorating in the past with great success, so I picked out one that  would hold the weight of my wreath, flipped it upside-down and attached it to the BACK of my front door.

I just tied a nice little bow near the wreath and measured out a loop of ribbon long enough to reach over the door and hook onto the upside-down command hook. (My measurement was right on, I can still see out of my peephole!)

I think it makes for a nice, simple, festive welcome to our home. What do you think? Have you guys started putting up decorations for the holidays yet?