Happy Mother's Day.

To all my fellow mothers out there, happy happy day to you. What a job, being a mother. In my estimation - with just 16 months of experience - it is the hardest, best, craziest, most interesting, most humbling, most challenging, most rewarding and simply the most wonderfullest (no, not a real word?) job in the world. I'm beyond grateful to have the opportunity to experience the rest of my life as a mother, and now more thankful than ever for my own mom.

See that beautiful woman in that photo below, second from the right, sandwiched between three very handsome gentlemen? That's my mom. She created this beautiful family. This particular photo was taken last August at my little brother's wedding, and it's one of the few photos of all of us together since my little portion of the family lives more than 2,000 miles away from the others. We're all lucky to have each other, even if we are halfway across the country. The other important person missing from the photo is my grandmother, the little guy's great grandma, who was probably off charming the other wedding guests while this photo was being taken.

(Photograph by Raymond Siler Photography)

I'm also lucky enough to have married into an amazing family, so I'd like to also celebrate the two wonderful mothers on this side of our family today too. Check 'em out, pretty good, right?

(This photo is from way back in August too.)

Happy Mother's Day, Mom, Grandma, Bebe, Auntie B and Tante K! I love you, and thank you for everything.