Holiday Baubles.

Happy happy holidays, friends.

I'll send you off for the Christmas weekend with a fun and festive holiday ornaments painting done for a very special mentor of mine from many years ago. Some people watch "Glee" on TV and well, I sort of lived it, and my client is the Mr. Schuster character, only much, much cooler. Much.

It's funny to think back all those years and to remember performing at an assortment of Midwestern high school gymnasiums, at Disney World and on a Carnival Cruise ship alongside some really amazing and talented singers and dancers. (Oh yes, I've actually performed on stage in front of thousands of people, singing and dancing my little heart out. I wasn't one of the particularly talented singers, but I tried.)

Working on this painting really brought up all the fun memories of that time, and how much this teacher - my real life Mr. Schuster - did for all of us students. He was honest, patient, encouraging, dedicated and absolutely loved what he did and all of the students he taught.

I guess my point is that sometimes paintings aren't just paintings...the hours spent working on them become filled with fun memories or thoughts about the person for whom they're being painted. I spend a lot of time thinking about WHO I'm painting for - which makes it totally awkward when my local clients pick up their work and I act like we've been besties for years, even if we've only really met over a few emails. (Sorry, guys, I'm not a creep, promise.)

Now, off to spend some quality time with my family. I'll be back next week with an absolutely AMAZING nursery tour!

How are you guys celebrating the holidays this year? Family? Friends? Low key time at home alone? Working (eek!)?